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  • Youth Superbowl Party
  • Youth Retreat at Camp Wyoming with Ty & Mitch...
  • Our youth enjoy some fun in the snow...
  • Youth Group attends Winter Jam in Des Moines...
  • Skit time during Treasure Seekers...
  • Treasure Seekers' craft
  • Future Treasure Seeker...
  • Birthday Party for Jesus...
  • Christmas Program on December 20th...
  • Youth go Christmas Caroling...
  • Youth help with Adopt-A-Family Project...
  • Youth ice skate at Coralville Mall...
  • Youth look at Christmas lights...
  • A Thanksgiving Feast for Treasure Seekers...
  • Youth work on the Operation Christmas Child project...
  • Youth go shopping for Operation Christmas Child...
  • Treasure Seekers decorated pumpkins...
  • Trick or Treat for Food Pantry...
  • Youth have some fun after the service project...

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Independence Iowa!  

On January 9 leaders from our church gathered with Pam Mumm for a one day Leadership Summit.  It has been my practice to regularly gather our leaders in retreat settings so we can grow and develop as church leaders.  Our gathering on this occasion was focused on looking at the horizon.  What do we see as the priorities for 2016 and beyond?

Pam did a masterful job of leading us through the maze of priorities.  We talked about many different things that we are doing and would like to be doing.  As we weaved in and out of the subject matter a phrase rose to the top for us: Engaged Congregation.  We came to see that with all we are doing (and our church does a lot) and the things we would like to be doing, none of this happens if we don’t have an engaged congregation.  None of this happens if we don’t have people saying yes to the right things.

We arrived at three priorities for the coming year.  They are:

  1. Inspirational Worship – worship is the heart of our community, here our souls are nurtured.
  2. Community Involvement – we do stuff that matters and we want to continue to grow this.
  3. Being Good Stewards of God’s Many Gifts – we will develop and utilize the gifts of time, money, and passion that our members have.

All of this was developed into a mission statement for 2016:

Our mission is to add value to people’s lives by being engaged in sharing God’s graciousness through inspirational worship, community involvement and being good stewards of God’s many gifts to us.

I want to commend our leadership team.  They do serve with energy, imagination, intelligence, and love.  No organization, including our church, will rise higher than the quality of its leadership.  In this regard we are truly blessed.

It is my hope and prayer that each of our members will look for ways to be engaged in the life and ministry of our congregation.  I know folks get busy, but what we do at FPC matters for our lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren, and the community that surrounds us.  We can’t do what we do if people like you don’t say yes.  I am thankful for so many that do.

I would be remiss not to say thank you for the Sweet 16 surprise.  As I begin my 17th year as the pastor of FPC I can honestly say I am not aware of another church I would rather be the pastor at.  Our relationships are life giving and our ministry together significant.  We really are adding value to the lives of people inside and outside our congregation.  May God continue to bless all that we do together.

                                                                                                                            -Pastor John



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  • Sunday Morning Worship
    10:00 AM
  • Fellowship
    11:00 AM
  • Youth Group (Grades 9-12) - During School Year
    6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Treasure Seekers (Age 4 - 7th Grade) - During School Year
    3:30 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Adult Bible Studies - Every other Wednesday during the school year
    6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Youth Bible Studies - Every other Wednesday during the school year - Grades 8-12th
    6:00 PM

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Tri-Church VBS Video - 2015
"God Breathed" performed by Kate Barloon
Youth Group Video - Created by Avri Ruffcorn
2016 PER CAPITA IS $33.00